Samsung looking to sell over 1 million Galaxy Mega 5.8 units

Samsung announced the big-boned Galaxy Mega duo and according to industry sources plans to manufacture at least a million of the smaller Mega 5.8. Reportedly Samsung contacted several Taiwan-based display manufacturers to order one million 5.8″ screens.This optimism about the Galaxy Mega 5.8 sales stems from the good performance of the mid-range Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos. Sources state that in May the number of shipments of 5” WVGA screens for the Grand will reach 2 million.

Samsung has its own screen manufacturing facilities, but apparently the company will use them for the production of Super AMOLED displays, outsourcing mid-range screens to Taiwanese makers.

There’s no info on how many displays were ordered for the bigger Mega phablet, the Galaxy Mega 6.3, but Samsung obviously thinks there’s a market for large phablets.

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