Google, Facebook bids $1 billion for “Waze”

Google may want crowd-sourced app or may just want to mess with Facebook, delaying its plans and
boosting reported $1 billion price tag.

Google is reportedly bidding for crowd-sourced map app provider Waze , igniting a possible bidding war
with Facebook.

Citing unnamed sources, Businessweek today reported thatGoogle is one of multiple companies
negotiating to buy Waze, which is said to have a $1 billion price tag.

According to the report, Israel-based Waze is in talks with “multiple parties” concerning an acquisition, and is also considering whether to raise venture capital and remain independent.

Google did not respond to a request for comment on the report.

Earlier this month, Facebook was said to be negotiating to buy Waze, a popular crowd-sourced mapping and traffic app. Facebook has long sought
to beef up its offerings for mobile users. At the time, Facebook declined comment on the report while Waze didn’t respond to a request for comment.

Waze offers iOS- and Android-based based traffic and navigation apps. The tool lets users share real-time traffic information, including updates about
construction, traffic jams, speed traps and accidents. Waze lets Facebook users track friends who are driving to the same destination.

“Coordinate everyone’s arrival times when you
pick up or meet up with friends,” Waze says on its website.

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