Windows 8 users snub Metro apps, stick to traditional Windows software

The majority of Windows 8 PC owners launch less than one app a day. A majority of consumer and small business Windows 8 PC users launch fewer than one “Metro” app a day, signaling that they’re spending most of their time on the classic Windows
7-style Desktop, according to data released this week.

According to Soluto, an Israeli PC management service provider, just 39 percent of owners of desktop PCs powered by Windows 8 launch a Metro app more than once a day. Laptop users fire up a Metro app slightly more often, with 40 percent
opening an average of more than one app daily.Even touch-enabled notebooks infrequently access Metro: 42 percent of the owners of those devices launch more than one app a day.

Only tablets tilt toward app use, said Soluto. About 56 percent of Windows 8 tablet users open an average of one or more apps daily.

Soluto calculated the app launch rates using a pool of about 10,800 Windows 8 devices — PC desktops
and notebooks, touch-ready laptops, and tablets — that use its management service. Soluto pitches that service to consumers, small and medium businesses, and IT managers in larger companies, but the polled systems were predominantly consumer-owned and in small businesses, said Roee Adler, Soluto’s chief product officer, in an interview.

The 10,800 PCs “do not include any enterprise systems, but very significant amounts of consumer and small business PCs,” said Adler.

The numbers for traditional PCs, especially touch-enabled notebooks, must give Microsoft’s Windows
executives heartburn: They have repeatedly pinned hopes for a boost to PC sales on touch, blamed the
paucity of touch laptops for the sluggish launch of the OS last year, and pointed to later this year — when more touchscreen PCs will be available, and at lower prices — as reason for optimism.

On average, a Windows 8 user launches 1.5 apps each day, for a week’s total of 10.5 apps, said Soluto. Not surprising, tablet owners open an above-average number: 2.7 apps daily or about 19 apps each week.

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