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Two Young Boys Gang-Raped 15-Year-Old Hannah & Filmed It

A video has actually gone viral at the Awodi-Ora Estate area of Ajegunle, Lagos State.

It is the video of 2 recognized teen boys violating a girl also well known in the location.

Citizens of Awodi-Ora Estate and its environs woke up to the mysterious flow of the adult-like film, revealing the sex-related escapade of the boys in the location with the adolescent lady.

The film is the rape of 15-year-old Hannah. The boys, whose names are yet unidentified, are also claimed to be secondary school boys.

Hannah until the event lives at Dada Onijoma Street and also attended Rebecca Secondary School in Ajegunle, a suburb of Lagos State.

Hannah was violated by the 2 boys after she was tempted in to a hotel by one of them. It was collected that as each took turn at her, the other used his video camera phone to video tape the action.

In the video, Hannah looked sick and ready to sob. She repeatedly kept spewing each time one of them obliged her to take their member in her mouth.

The boys laughed repetitively, even talking about it that they paid N2,000 for the room. It was compiled that Hannah, that is from a faulty residence, had been wooed by one of the boys.

Rather of Hannah to leave the boy and turn down his request outrightly, she determined to keep the boy to fulfill her economic demands.

A source, who stays in the estate and advocated privacy, claimed:

“The boy who believed tossing cash at Hannah and buying recharge cards would draw her closer to him, was disappointed when he heard from his friends that Hannah had actually been making a fool of him among her buddies in the location, calling him his ‘mugu’. (‘Mugu’ is a fool).”

Hannah, that proceeded with her games with the boy, but sometimes, was not conscious that the boy had actually been intending to get a revenge on her.

When she ultimately asked for N6,000 from the boy, he had actually promised to give her the cash. He but sometimes asked her ahead to a joint in the area to gather the money.

It was gathered that while at the drinking bar, which likewise has hotel rooms in it, the boy, who was currently with his pal, booked a space in the hotel. He told Hannah to follow him to the space to collect the N6,000.

On getting to the room, Hannah saw the bitter side of the boy as he and his good friend dove on her, taking turns in vigorously making love with her.

When the video clip was being spread among her friends in the area, she was nonetheless wrecked.

It was learnt that Hannah, that had attempted a lot to conceal the rape from her parents, particularly her mum whom she stays with, had to rely on her mum who alerted Hannah’s separated dad.

Hannah’s father was stated to have deserted her mum and moved in with a younger lady. Because of the event, Hannah was instantly moved to Ghana.

The issue was reported to the authorities and both boys arrested.


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  1. Where’s d video na?

  2. […] Two Young Boys Gang-Raped 15-Year-Old Hannah & Filmed It […]

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