We have never fallen in love’ – Sèxy Nollywood Actresses

Chidinma and Chidiebere Aneke are the acting version of the music twins, P-Square. They are beautiful, sexy and in high demand in Nollywood. In this interview with OSEYIZA OOGBODO, the duo told him that though they are flying high, it wasn’t always a bed of roses. Excerpts:

Lots of your colleagues are always in one scandal or the other but you are not. How do you avoid scandals?

Nobody is perfect and nobody is above mistake. Sometimes it may not be the fault of those you see today enmeshed in one scandal or the other. We don’t need to condemn them. We are not above scandals too. We only pray to God to see us through all our decisions.

P-Square have made themselves differentiable. How can we differentiate you two?

You don’t need to. Anytime I wake up and I see my beautiful sister, and I realise that is exactly how I look, I thank God for making me as beautiful. We do not want people to even know the difference. Maybe if you are close enough to us, you will know the difference.

How are you coping with fame?

We were popular even as children. You know that twins are easy to spot, and as twins we have enjoyed a little bit of attention from a very young age. Today the thing is hyper. You will see some people who just jump on you from nowhere, and we will be dumbfounded. Some will come close to us and even kiss us. But we still try to be ourselves. We know where we are coming from. We once roasted plantain by the road side so we remain down to earth.

How did you know you could act?

When we were small, we used to act in church dramas. Then later, we started getting little roles.

How difficult or easy was it for you to attain stardom?

It definitely wasn’t easy. If you are watching Ini Edo and Genevieve and you think it is easy to be where they are, then you must be joking. But if you are ready to work hard then the sky will be your limit. The industry is so wide and it can accommodate anybody who has the necessary attributes. Everyone have their own special talent, and everyone their own time. When your time comes, it would be difficult for anyone to bring you down. So in essence, we don’t see those in the industry as challenges or rivals. Some may be bigger than us today and tomorrow, we could be bigger than them. All we have achieved is by the grace of God. Whatever we want to do, we leave to God. Once God is involved, He finds a way for us. God will not give us a vision without backing it. Also we knew we had the talent for it and we developed that talent.

Is there any major sacrifice you made to become stars?

That will be when we left school for acting. Our mum was not happy with it. She said that we can do whatever we wanted as long as we finished school, so we had to retrace our steps and we are better off for it today. But back then, we felt we had to concentrate fully on Nollywood to become successful.

You produce movies, and producers do complain about piracy. Is it affecting you too?

Yes, piracy is always the number one problem. We need the government to help us fight piracy. It is these 10-in-one CDs that are the problem. You will see a DVD for N150, and it has 10 movies in it. How can we sell the original which is N250? We really need the government to help us fight piracy.

Identical twins are known to play tricks on people who can’t identify them. Do you do so too?

We did that a lot when we were younger. And even when one of us was reported for doing something wrong, we both took the blame and we both got punished.

Who are your boyfriends?

We are fine, God is our love life. Nobody has ever told me I love you and I said I love you too. We don’t have boyfriends. They may be distractions sometimes. We are okay for now; we are concentrating on our work.

But you are not getting younger. Don’t you want to get married?

We are willing to get married but we are not ready to rush into marriage. If we rush in, we will rush out. We will wait for our own time. We were brought up to take the marriage institution very seriously. Our parents were together till our father passed on and my mother never remarried. It was till death do us part. So when we are getting married, you surely will know.

Will you say your being identical twins is contributing to your success?

All is by the grace of God. I agree that twins are a blessing from God so God’s favour is always on us. I am sure that even P-Square will tell you that they also had God’s guidance to get them to where they are now.

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