Baby Please Don’t Go: Wizkid is Sad as His Boo Leaves Lagos

Wizzy Wizzzy Wizkid – The award winning young talent has literally got the world at his feet. He’s got what any 23-year-old aspiring artiste could ever wish for – international awards, chart topping songs, fame, money and more money but even superstars need some love.

Wizkid is all sad because he is going to be away
from his boo.

The young Pop singer and his girlfriend Omotani Omotayo have become quite fond of each other, showing up together in public on several occasions.

‘Wizzy is love struck. He’s really caught up in Tani’s love web‘, a friend says.

When Tani tweeted she was leaving Lagos and returning to the US for a bit yesterday, Wizkid replied her tweet, adding a sad smiley.

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