Bush Clearing and how it affects us and our Environment


Mechanically with Cutlass


                Bush clearing is the removal of bushes through Mechanical or Chemical means. Mechanically through manual cutting of bushes with crude implements eg Hoes and Cutlasses or through the use of machines. Chemically through the use of Herbicides (chemicals used to kill weeds) e.g  Paraquat.


Chemical Method (man spraying chemicals)


Mechanical Method (with Tractor)


  • It prevents the habitation and breeding of harmful organisms
  • It encourages development (Urbanization)
  • It helps in security as there will be no hidden places
  • It reduces environmental pollution
  • It helps maintain healthy living
  • It keeps the environment clean…



As an Environmentalist, I say Bush Clearing is good for your immediate environment but we encourage planting of green plants. Also, leaving bushes to grow is “good” for areas outside places of Residence so as to preserve wildlife.

Writen by

NYSC Environmental CDS,

Emure-Ekiti, President.

Ogunmefun Oreoluwa.

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