BBA: Beverly Dirty Dances With Bassey

*Bassey and Beverly dirty dancing

*Bassey and Beverly dirty dancing

Raunchy Rubies is what they are, getting buck wild is what they do.

Yeserday night the Ruby House living room was transformed into a dance floor as the Housemates gathered for a dance off. It looks like all of that alcohol that they were so excited about receiving, just a few short hours earlier on, has already worked its way into their systems.What started off as an innocent dance off; soon things took a turn for wild when it was Bassey and Beverly’s turn to hit the floor. As the Nigerian gyrated all over him, the Sierra Leonean stripped down to his tight white briefs and he returned the favour – shaking and grinding all over the Ruby lass. Wowza! The rest of the Housemates clearly enjoy this raunchy performance as they cheered them on.

Afterwards the Rubies all huddled together chanting “Ruby, Ruby, Ruby”. Whoa these Rubies, they are certainly not shy are they?

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