#BBA8 UPDATE: Bassey And Beverly Are Getting Closer

Since Tuesday night when the pair totally killed it off with a thrilling dance which was full of existing and new killer strokes, they are now getting more and more closer to each other.These two had a dance together at night as all the housemates were to spend their night in the living room as part of their task which they waged for at 100%.

The sierra leone model who had put off his shirt begun with strokes best known of being danced by the late Micheal Jackson, as the Nigerian was not that too much in her dancing moods after which she was provoked into dancing by the Sierra leone.

While they were pulling off their killer strokes, all the other housemates were simply watching and cheering them up, hope they maintain this.

Just hours after the dance today as Bassey was resting on the couch and Beverly sited on the couch, the Nigerian got a pillow and placed it on Bassey’s body after which she put her head on the pillow as a sign of some attachment between the pair.

They are expected to get more and more closer in days to come which is also in line with the theme of the Chase, its all about romance.

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