#BBA8 UPDATE: Daybreak: For The Infatuation Of The Chase

Bassey pulled off energetic strokes yesterday after the liquor was delivered

As usual, the unpredictable Biggie has once again made thing a bit more interesting in an attempt to bring housemates from the Ruby and Diamond houses together. Yesterday the Chasers were given an opportunity to pick a crush on the crush wall and whoever has the most crushes, gets the chance to meet with their crush this Saturday, the same day of the night party.Meanwhile, there’s unrest in the Diamond house as the beef between Betty and Feza intensifies, plans to get the two on talking terms lately have backfired. As HOH in the first week, Feza put up Betty and the latter just returned the ‘favor’, Feza now finds her self on the chopping block.

This week, Uganda’s LK4, Tanzania’s Feza, Namibia’s Dillish, Zimbabwe’s Hakeem and South Africa’s Koketso are up for possible eviction. Whoever will receive the boot on Sunday will be another story to write home about, the fast approaching evictions may pose a huge threat to what LK4 and Koketso have, but we wait and see.

Interestingly, after hours of waiting and anxiety, at last Biggie provided the Rubies with alcohol and this brought out all sorts of characters from these raunchy Chasers as they danced the night away. Even LK4 and Natasha who haven’t been the best of friends in the house finally got a chance to dance together. Bassey pulled off all sorts of dance strokes including the famous Alingo, Azonto and a few of MJ’s, Nigerian lass Beverly seemed to be on the receiving end but she later joined the young Sierra Leonean as the other Rubies cheered on.

This morning, most of the Chasers seem to be tired after they worked out almost the whole day yesterday, it’s just a few of them up again and in the garden continuing with the task, the rest have decided to sleep the night away.

LK4, Feza, Dillish, Hakeem and Koketso are up this week, who heads home?

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