#BBA8 UPDATE: Diamonds Work Out, Clean & Flirt

It was a boring morning in the Chase’s Diamond house but some housemates tried keeping themselves occupied with house chores while others either worked out or slept.A few of them took part in the early morning exercise after which the likes of Melvin cleaned the glass windows while Dillish and Annabel did the kitchen chores.

There was also some flirtation as Dillish and Angelo joked with each other.

“Can I get a broom please? So I can sweep someone off their feet,” Angelo asked.

While Dillish replied: “Who are you trying to sweep off their feet? Me?”

Well, at least it’s evident that some positive energy is being shared in the Chase house and hopefully the likes of Betty and Feza borrow a leaf.

Meanwhile, the task presentations are on tomorrow but some Chasers seem uninterested in pulling their weight, this could pose a threat to their 100% Wagers, but probably as time goes by, they will realize what’s at stake and pull up their socks.
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