N290M Champagne: ‘Please send Peter a bottle’, Alex Amosu responds to Peter Okoye’s joke’

Something told us this outrageously expensive bottle of champagne would be stirring reactions…

Alexander Amosu , designer of what he calls the most expensive bottle of champagne ‘Taste of Diamonds‘ (which goes for N290m by the way) has responded (we are calling this a subtle jab) to Peter Okoye of Psquare‘s public joke over the pricing of the sparkling wine.Some hours ago, we reported (not FN) that Peter Okoye, while bearing his mind on the champagne which made its debut this week, made it known that he, a certified millionaire, wasn’t interested in buying the drink.

The most expensive champagne . £1.2million . (N250million) May dis champagne never CHOP MY MONEY IJN. Dis time I really care’, Peter Okoye said taking time to give a breakdown of how much a glass would cost;
So dats like N50million per glass…. Ladies are u with me? #Nawash’, he added.

Well Amosu is being generous enough and has asked the owners of the drink Goût de Diamants, to send a bottle the Pop star’s way.

‘Please send Peter a bottle‘,
Amosu wrote on his Instagram page as he posted a screenshot of Peter Okoye’s tweets.

The question still remains: would you buy a bottle of champagne for N290m? Who would?

Culled from: thenetng

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