#BBA8 UPDATE: ‘I Need Sex Tonight’-Nando Cries Out Loud!

Oh my Goodness, what do we have in the Diamond House?

Believe it or not; ” The chase has crazy heads ” and we are to have more crazy stuff coming with our eyes stuck on the chase screens. It’s just 11 days  when locked inside the Big Brother House and the male chasers have started asking for sex!This afternoon, Tanzania’s crazy rep Nando shouted out loudly while singing that  tonight he needs sex.” I need sex tonight, I need a vagina tonight, I wanna be like Bolt, I wanna do it like Bolt, I need a vagina tonight,” The Tanzanian continued crying out loud. The dude might be serious but we wonder with who because he aint hotting no body.

This is the same dude who a week ago in his Diary Session asked Biggie to bring in more girls in the Diamond House as he enjoys being surrounded by boobs and big behinds!

We have already witnessed the first bang in the chase and I could be smelling some sex tonight if it were Bolt singing but with Nando I have to ask” with who?”.

The game is still at its young stage and such requests are out! Should we expect a lot of bangs in the game?… Do you also think that the chasers are sexually starved by now?

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