#BBA8 UPDATE: ‘I Was Ready To Kiss LK4 Till Sunset’-Koketso.

This week Big Brother wanted Housemates to get close to each other through the weekly task and those who were already close got closer.While other Housemates went for those they didn’t know that much, the Ruby lovebirds LK4 and Koketso found it prettier to use this very task to have  a honeymoon.

Today’s task (Balance the lab)which called for Housemates to balance kiss with a heart in between their lips which they were supposed to keep for the longest period they could, Housemates got closer and the hearty kisses might sooner do the magic.

Talking about the task during their Diary sessions, all housemates sounded cool with it and thanked Biggie for the idea.

The most amused Housemate of all,was Koketso .She  confessed to Biggie  that though he declared a tie between them(Her and LK4) and the threesome of Bassey in between Beverly and Pokello, she was ready to kiss her “Antonio” till sunset.

To remind you, this season of Big Brother dubbed the chase is meant to encourage the contestants to play the game with love as the grand opening show clearly portrayed it. And if we are to tell, the magic seems to be working.

With 11 days elapsed, the game has already confirmed two couple with more mushrooming day by day.

Do you think that Koketso and LK4 are real or it is a game strategy?

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