#BBA8 UPDATE: Daybreak: Rubies Get Cozy

The Sunday morning Hours must have been those moments for some of the Ruby chasers to remember.Up for eviction this week, the Ruby lovebirds LK4 and Koketso got cozy in bed as they tightly held each other while copping a feel on their  bodies. It looks like as if they know that their destiny is close and this might be their last day together.

The two seemed not to wish for any interruption for their paradise and thank God that no one did.

On the same note Ruby’s new Housemate Angelo was spotted  getting closer and closer to Maria. The duo also were spotted having some good time bed while they engaged in a hearty conversation.

Another funny pair of Sulu and Selly  were also enjoying their morning hours on a bed and looked having something serious and important they were talking about.

Could Angelo and Maria be having something?.,…..What do you think of LK4 and Koki’s destiny?

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