#BBA8 UPDATE: Elikem Trying To Getting Pokello

Just hours after she told us that she would not get involved with any man while in the house because she is too committed to her boyfriend that is  back home in Zimbabwe, its probably going to take us some few days to see whether she can stand by her statements in that interview.After the Saturday party and calm had returned to the Ruby house after all the fracus that had transpired in this house, one Elikem a new Housemate enjoying his stay at the rather calm Ruby house got her for a real serious talk.

The Ghanaian lad found confort at the couch(probably its the couch that has his magic to getting ladies). The two spent quite some time as Elikem tried to present himself as a potential man that Pokello needs. It was quite a good talk that the two had and at some moments, Pokello was seen having a light smile on her face. The going was good until when Bassey interrupted the two and Pokello decided it was time to go grab a nap. However, she did not on the contrary she stuck around and started talking to Natasha who was doing the dishes.

Its here that Elikem who had said was going for a shower came back and started talking to Natasha about how he came to the Ruby House for to spend there a single week for one reason but however, the reason had turned out not to be right and that he does not know why the gal who is the reason he came to the Ruby for was turning out to play hard however he was not mentioning her name until when the two had some other talk when he finally told her (Pokello) that she was trying to play hard to catch something that is turning him off that he was a t the point of asking to leave this house or an exit.

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