#BBA8 UPDATE: Hakeem, Beverly and melvin Discuss Swapping

While the diamond housemates that were swapped to join the Ruby house seem more settled and enjoying the comfort of their new house, a day gone after swapping too place but it seems like those that moved to the Diamond house from the Ruby house still have not yet taken it that they were swapped including the one that has spent more than a week in the diamond house after being swapped.After the house party, Hakeem, Beverly spent long hours discussing the expectations for the next Friday’s swapping out comes with the next head of house diamond house, Melvin. The three settled to discussing this topic after Hakeem explained to them how glad he was to when met with Cleo someone who he had started bonding with before they were separated. “Me and Cleo were just starting to get into one another before we were swapped and on meeting her in the rendez vous it …” He said “However, next Friday I do not know whether I will still be here but we still have to be prepared for Friday’s swapping and I just do not know the people that will be brought here.”, he continued. “Its either LK4 or Oneal,” He tried to predict “Lk4 might want to come here because Bev”

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