#BBA8 UPDATE: Hakeem-Cleo’s Rendezvous and Their First Kiss.

After a long time of yearning to meet, Hakeem and Cleo finally sealed the deal with a passionate kiss.After meeting in Arena yesterday which was very brief, Hakeem and Cleo finally got to spend quality time in the Rendezvous room as promised by Big Brother. At first sight of their date, the two lovebirds seemed and looked really shy and were afraid to even look at each other in the eyes.

Once the yummy bubbly Big Brother had provided for the occasion had loosened them up a bit, it was all systems go. Hakeem took off his shoes and jumped on the bed in the centre of the gorgeous Rendezvous Room. Cleo followed suit and the two sat staring into each other’s eyes.

Hakeem opened up to his Zambian squeeze, telling her “You’ll always have me. I’ll always be there for you”. All Cleo could do was blush furiously at the compliments coming out of her beau’s mouth. At some point Hakeem told Cleo “I don’t want to hear any of this Oneal nonsense. I want to protect your heart”, he said. We wonder how Hakeem came t.o know about Oneal who has not even done a threatening move towards Cleo.

After spending some reasonable time together, the two had to wrap their wonderful evening with a passionate kiss……Seriously patience pays though it also pains.

How can you rate the love between these two lovebirds?

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