#FN READERS, Help me … I’m A Catholic Girl Addicted To Másturbation

Dear reader,

I’m confused, is God against másturbation? I really want to know. But if he is I want to stop.

I have no interest in it being a natural thing to do, so I should not be worried about it. I have tried combating the need to do it, but it never lasts long and I always return to it.

I read somewhere that a cause for excessive másturbation can be heightened éstrogen(sp) levels and there are pills you can take to lower this. I read about was Támoxifen, it’s a drug for treating breást cancer in and one of the things it does is lower éstrogen levels, but only in men. The drug has proven very effective in reducing sexuál desire in men without the requirement of surgery.

If anyone can provide any information or the names of any drugs, tablets, potions or whatever that can assist me in this I will be forever grateful.

I don’t want to stop being Catholic and please no rudé comments i just want some advicé

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