#Assault: “Tade Has Never Beaten Me Before! He treats me like a baby” -Yewande Ogidan Responds To Battered Face Pic In Circulation.

In a phone conversation with popular blogger ” Stella DK”, Yewande Ogidan said her husband and popular movie producer “Tade Ogidan” did not assault her in any way.Read Excerpt below:

Yewande says”I Had an accident with my honda three weeks ago but i am fine now.it was minor.i hit my head on the steering wheel when a mini van hit my car from behind.my husband is even in the UK right now and he did not abuse me in any way .i am not defending him,if anyone has done anything to me,i will speak out.i am very well aware of domestic violence and i urge you to go on with your campaign against it but i was not assaulted by my loving husband-

i was taking my kids to school and there was a gallop and a mini van hit me from behind,it was my fault because i didnt have my seat belt on.
Tade ogidan cannot hurt a fly,i am not defending him but thats how he is.

my tade would never hit a woman,he is far older than me and he treats me like a baby”.

I asked her why she allowed her picture to be snapped and circulated.

Yewande said her friend snapped her pic after the minor accident so that they would have something to laugh about later and that friend sent the pic to two other people whom they have been calling to find out if the picture was sent to me by them.

Pictures do not lie except they have been photoshopped,if however she says she has not been abused,that it was a minor car accident and she is okay,then i believe her and sincerely apologise for whatever embarrassment this story might have caused her and her husband Tade Ogidan.

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