How to Solve a Computer Software Installation with a Missing ‘.dll’ Message

123There Have been a lots of situations that You get a missing DLL Files Error When Trying To install A software or maybe A game . Oone of the most famous of the missing DLL files errors You receive is :
(Msvcr71.dll is Missing)
(D3dx9_41.dll is Missing)
(OPENAL32.DLL is Missing)
And This Is What makes people thinks that the problem is from the software or the game. Resolving this problem is very easy all you have to do is take the name of the file that showing in the error window and search for it on websites that are specialized in providing system DLL files , and then Copie on the following path in Windows by going to the disk: C to the Windows folder windows Find the System32 folder and place the file there .
And in this Blog Post I will show you how to find missing dll files
4 best website that will help to find missing dll files are:

One of Most Famous websites that Most of Professionals uses to fix Computers and operating systems , it offers you almost every DLL file you that you might need for the Windows operating system, simply enter the site and writes the file name then click on Search where you will find the file you’re looking for in the search results where you can click on it and download it by clicking on the word Download Zip-file. The site also gives you the ability to search for missing system files via alphabet order, in the case of any problems with the search for the file name on the site.


website just like the previous one and have really easy domain name and can be remembered easily , Characteristic search DLLme site that gives you an advantage called Dvanced Dll Search which is a feature that lets you search for the missing files in the system more accurately by adding more information about the missing file or semantic words to him to let the website do all the work to find the file you’re looking for
this webSite can also search for OCX and VPK missing files.


this website can help you get files besides DLL files like ocx or OCX , where you can download more from the system files that you may need when you run a program or game. You can write the name of the missing file in the search box at the top right and simply download your missing files .


This Website has mo than 15 million DLL files that windows Could possibly need this big number shows the power of this website . also the files are well organized and you can find them easily with no effort.

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