• hackingFollow these simple steps and you will have a nice knowledge from protecting yourself from getting Hacked:

    1. The first one u know always about the Anti-Virus use a good and stable anti-virus, make sure you update it regularly.

    2. Stop using internet explorer as it has some bugs which may lead u too a heavy problem, switch too Firefox and stay safe and have a happy browsing.

    3. Use good Spyware and Adware Programs to scan and destroy any left overs.

    4. In a month boot your computer in a safe mode and scan with all the programs for any traces if u can just delete them or quarantine them.

    5. Do scan ur Registry for any errors in a week as it may slow down or be a harmful reason of getting hacked. ( Use CCleaner to scan and fix these errors )

    6. Check that Firewall is working good and don’t have any strange exceptions.

    7. If u think any suspicious activities going on your computer e.g. keylogging or something try using virtual keyboard for a safety.

    8. Make sure u have backups of all ur important files so that in any case u are reformatting due to any problems u can restore them back.

    Be Watchful and don’t fall pray!!!
    [Ethical Hacking Articles]
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