Spain will crush Nigeria with 8 goal to nil – T.B.JOSHUA

After the  loss encountered by the  Nigerian football team against Uruguay Prophet T.B. Joshua, a foremost Nigerian Pastor who has always predicted Nigeria’s football Matches has foreseen the next match and outcome.

T.B. Joshua has been heard to have predicted the returning of the Nigerian team back home from the Confederations Cup, after facing heavy shelling from the Spain national team to the tune of 8 goals to Nil.

In reaction ,The Eagles coach ,Keshi said that his team is not bothered because his own words ‘ T.B. Joshua can predict all he wants, but we all know that his predictions are always the opposite’, Keshi went on ‘If He says we will win, then I will be scared, but if says we will lose, then I know that we are winning by 8 goals, so I’m confident’.

So lets sit back and watch the outcome.


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