#FN EXCLUSIVE: Meet “Olaitan Bakare (@OlaitanBakare), OAP of The Week

Olaitan Bakare also known as O.L.A is an On-Air personality/presenter with Daar Communications’ Ray Power FM. She started her career with Mitv/Star FM. In a recent interview with FN’s Oseafiana “Jay” Judith , Olaitan talks about life as a broadcaster, the challenges and what keeps her going…

Can We meet you ma?

My name is Olaitan Bakare,but a lot of people call me O.L.A! I’m an On-Air-Personality,currently with Raypower FM(Owned by DAAR Comms)

How did it start or did u know u will be an on-air personality?

Started as far back as 2000,I was a trainee then with MITV/Star FM. When I was little,I had a growing interest in Newscasters and how they read. Icons like the late Tokunbo Ajayi, Sienne Allwell-Brown, Cyril Stober, Frank Olize,etc. got me glued to the TV. Then I would practise,reading to my family from the Newspapers,but never really thought it’ll be a source of livelihood. When I was to go off to tertiary institution,my mum asked me “what do you do with so much ease and joy that others might find alil hard?” I answered, “Reading”; and that settled it.

Wow, you have actully worked with big people in the industry

Yeh…you can say that again..*laughs*

How’s working with Daar communications like?

Exciting,challenging,fulfilling,etc. A pot-pourri, I’m working with a brand I grew up listening to,that doesn’t happen to everyone. I’m working with some of the names I pratically adored growing up,that definitely doesn’t happen everyday.
Overall, its been good. Hoping it gets better by the day.

If u weren’t an On-Air Personality (OAP) what else do you think u would av done?

An Entertainment Lawyer

That’s great but do you have something else you do asides being a presenter?

MC; I also have a growing interest in Public Relations (PR), I’m gradually learning the ropes in that field.

Would you say the industry is doing better now than how you met it?

*sighs* I don’t think so. A lot of ‘I can present’ character is what we have on our TVs/Radios today. No more sound training, a lot of mediocrity and phony accents. But of course, we still have a lot professionals worthy to learn a thing or 2 from around.

How would you know that an on-air personality is good?

Personally, what I’ll look out for are (1) the voice (2) good command of the language (3) personality traits

Are there any rules or limitations on the job?

There are definitely rules. There are a couple of agencies upholding some of the ethics of the job.
*Do u think you can do a TV presentation with your experience as an on-air presenter?
Yes. I actually started with TV, Radio just won me over at some point.

And what are the similarities or differences between the two?

Basically, its like telling you a story with my words/sound (Radio) or telling you the same story with pictures (sometimes moving)/sound(TV)

I know you were formerly with “Rockcity FM” in Abeokuta,What is/are your reasons for switching over?

The desire for more challenges. Thanks to God and my Abeokuta fans,I felt I had achieved a lot @ Rockcity fm,couldn’t ask for more but could only move up the ladder.

Are there any qualities that an aspiring OAP should have?

Should be willing to learn something everyday,from anybody/everybody.

Can We get personal please?

Sure.. *smiles*

Are you still a Miss or Mrs? (winks)..

I’m Miss Olaitan Bakare

Miss Olaitan Bakare, any lucky man around?

No one right now. *laffs*

…let me pause on that, because I know you are a busy woman..*laffs*..

Before drawing the curtain on this session, do you have any word of encouragement or advice for freaknaija?

“Despise not the day of little beginnings”

Thank you once again ma for sparing time to honour our invitation. God bless you ma.
Amen. Thank you

* You are most welcome.

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