Did Iyanya Tattoo Yvonne Nelson’s Initials On His Hand? [PHOTO] 

According to Yvonne’s cousin Jason, Iyanya has
a tattoo of Yvonne Nelson’s initials on his wrist
and that’s the picture above.Iyanya supposedly
got the tattoo when he was still dating Yvonne,
while he was deeply in love with her!
Meaning their relationship was a lot more than
just sex. Another pic of the tattoo after the cut.Jason says:

Why’s Iyanya saying No emotions, No tears, but he has Yvonne Nelson’s name ink’d on his skin? SILLY!! Hate when ppl try take the piss out of my family “No tolerance for bull Shit” This TimWestWood, Iyanya shit has got me MAD! My cousin is a sweet loving girl, still don’t understand how she was in love with a public dog “”Disrespectful Crap”” YN can only. mean Yvonne Nelson. A tattoo for a gal u only wanted her waist? Iyanya is the emotional one. Be gentle with words. Don’t say something you can never take back because sometimes a scar lasts longer than a single

Full gist will soon unfold. Yvonne Nelson,
Iyanya are yet to deny or accept Jason’s story.

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