Pastor Kumuyi’s Son Apologises To Deeper-Life Church Over Wedding Controversy

So there you have it! John and Love Kumuyi whose wedding has generated lots of controversies has just tendered their apology to the church. He has apologized for peace’ sake!

According to reports, a video of the apology will be released soon.

New findings however reveal that the church in Jamaica has some doctrinal disparity with the church in Nigeria and two, the G.S, Kumyi, was persuaded by leaders to attend the wedding because he initially didn’t want to and three, the newly wed couple have been placed on disciplinary measures! #okbye

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  2. Pastor Kumuyi has come a long way,and I think he should be too preoccupied with the heavenly mandate as to allow this little dust being generated by the enemy to blindfold his vision! He’s God’s general, an outstanding apostle of our time and his track record is clear. He’s already thinking of the next crusade,just too busy!

  3. The Alleged letter written by “John and Love Kumuyi” lacks credibility and genuineness as to whether is indeed a remorseful, defensive and apologetic. Furthermore the presentation of the letter undermines our integrity and Justification of our believe in the bible.
    (1). the letter has no signature proof showing who was the recipient and the speaker.
    (2). the letter has no directory.
    (3). the letter clearly depicts a controversial theme and imagery as to how it is communicated.
    (4). There is no single rights in the church that guarantees/support the Couples to defend Pastor Kumuyi and the National oversea of Jamaica. Other youths had the same choices but their parents were disciplined. If we have to accept this letter after a sensible facts then Simply, the GS and Pastor Odih must also subject himself to discipline and scrutiny if indeed they believes in what they say. (what is good for the goose is always good for the gander) Isaiah 1:17. ..”Learn to do good, seek justice, correct oppression and bring Justice to the fatherless…”

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