Old age is not a crime, I won’t quit politics – Tukur replies Bishop Chukwuma

The national chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Alhaji Bamanga Tukur, Thursday fired back at the Anglican Bishop of Enugu Diocese, Rt. Rev. Dr. E.O. Chukwuma, for asking him and the chairman of the Board of Trustees, Chief Tony Anenih, to resign from politics for being too old, saying that it’s not a crime to be old.

Tukur in a statement through his Special Assistant on media, Prince Oliver Okpala, accused the Bishop of lacking respect for elders, warning him to stop engaging in “falsity implicit on careless utterances portraying him as a politician in the cassock of a Reverend”.

Bishop Chukwuma had recently described the duo of Tukur and Anenih as too old to still be in politics. He further advised them to quit politics and pave way for younger ones.

But, in a stern reply, Tukur, who said it is not a crime to be old, added that it is beyond dispute that God has blessed the nation through his activities.

He added that no country in the world dispenses with the experience, knowledge and wisdom of her Senior citizens.

He however called on the Primate and metropolitan of the Anglican Communion in Nigeria, Rt. Rev. Nicholas Okoh, to order and restrain Bishop Chukwuma from further tarnishing the image of the Anglican Communion and her priests in Nigeria.

He said, “Ordinarily, we wouldn’t have bothered to dignify the ranting of this controversial clergyman with a reaction, given his notoriety for making unguarded utterances and careless effusions but for this against Dr Bamanga Tukur which verge dangerously on ignorance, hatred and absolute lack of knowledge of the rudiments of politics.

“Clearly, these comments attributed to the Bishop are absolute hogwash and absolute nonsense by referring to the two elder statesmen who have contributed immensely to the development, peace and progress of this country as too old to be in politics.“The Bishop has revealed by his utterances against the two elder statesmen an innate hatred for them, yet the Bible which ought to be the fulcrum and pivot of Bishop Chukwuma’s religion as a man of God abhors and condemns hatred; the Bible even teaches us further that one should love his neighbour like himself.

“It is therefore amazing and bizarre that a man of God like Bishop Chukwuma who recently met and danced off his 24 years’ episcopacy should cast off his cassock to descend into the political fray; respect for elders is part of our African heritage and tradition, therefore a supposed man of God who has no respect for elders is not worth his calling and shouldn’t have made those unguided statements.”

Defending his continuous participation in politics, Tukur said he was in politics as a patriot, nationalist and elder statesman who has decided to use his wealth of experience and knowledge to move the country forward and to impact wisdom and knowledge to the younger generation.

“It is not a crime to be old because in the Bible, God used old people such as Abraham, Sarah and David to manifest His goodness and greatness. At 60 years, Bishop Chukwuma himself is not exactly a spring chicken. His utterances therefore are a clear manifestation of a man who does not practice or abide by what he preaches.

“God uses all persons both young and old to bless His people; it is therefore beyond dispute that God has blessed our nation abundantly through the good work and activities of Alhaji Dr BamangaTukur, the national chairman of PDP. He should know that Alhaji Bamanga Tukur is not in politics to makemoney.

“It is therefore paramount on Rt. Rev Chukwuma who parades himself as a man of God to appreciate the import of the outstanding commandment in the Bible which is “Respect for one’s parent so that one will also attain old age”. There is everything wrong and repulsive that a man of God should show blatant disrespect for elders.

“It may also mean that the hood does not make the monk. He should realize that Dr Bamanga Tukur has over the years made his name and contributed to the stability and peace we enjoy today in Nigeria, having served Nigeria in different outstanding capacities.

“There is no country in the world which dispenses with the experience, knowledge and wisdom of her senior citizens. On the contrary, the elder statesmen are respected, revered, honoured and appreciated.”



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