#SEX IN THE HOUSE : Jail time awaits Betty


For having sex in public, BBA The Chase Housemate, Betty Aberra, may have courted trouble as a group of lawyers in Ethiopia is gearing up to sue her. This piece of news was made known by an Ethiopianwebsite.

Just three days after entering the Big Brother house, Betty got really intimate with fellow housemate, Bolt, from Sierre Leone. They were the first couple to have sex in the house. Both housemates have, however, been evicted from the house. Betty left the house a week before her BBA sweet heart, Bolt.

According to a local radio show in Ethiopia called, Ethiopikalink, if Betty is convicted, she could face up to six years in prison, as it is an offence to have sex in public in the country.

The lawsuit is not the only issue Betty has been grappling with since leaving the BBA House. She has also been facing nationwide condemnation from a radio host in Ethiopia, groups and commentators on Facebook. These groups are asking the media and companies to boycott her.



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  1. Thats being uneducated..,and not fair cause she did it in south africa and not in her country..,so why the hell are they suing her for..,is it because she waz evicted from the house..,if she had won all these stupid issues wouldnt even be happening…,leave the poor girl alone

  2. Dats unfair.

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