Just In: Vigilante kills  student, MTN staff

Tragedy struck in Abeokuta on Sunday  when  men of  the Vigilante Service of Ogun State (VSO) State Vigilance Service reportedly  shot dead  a student of Moshod Abiola Polytechnic, Abeokuta; Moruf Raji, 29, and a staff of MTN, Akeem Usman ,32, while chasing suspected armed robbers.The  incident  occurred at   Adigbe, Abeokuta about 1.00am  when  a team  of  Vigilance Service allegedly ordered residents of 18A Sorinola Avenue, Ori yanrin, to open  the gate for them to arrest  suspected armed robbers believed to be hiding in the building.

An eye witness reported that some of the  residents  who were mostly students refused to open  the gate thinking  that the vigilantes were  armed robbers  that were trying to play smart on them.

The witness further explained that  both Moruf and Akeem  went out from their rooms  and opened the gate for them but,  as the duo were attempting to open the gate, one of the men of VSO   opened fire on the two men and killed them.

Source gathered that,men of the VSO  still went ahead to force their way into the compound after shooting the two men and   ransacked the rooms.

More details soon

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