FN Readers, Please Help !!! : I Lied To Him That My Parents Are Rich, Now He Wants To Visit Us.


Actually, I am from a poor background.
I met this rich dude and I thought he wasn’t going to be serious Continue reading

#MUST READ: Signs That Your Girlfriend May Not Be Your Future Wife

Getting married is a life changing situation and something everybody wants to do right because nobody plans to walk down the aisle more than once…at least nobody in their right mind plans to. Continue reading

#FN’ners, Pls Help: ”I Have Had Séx With 5 Different Men Since I Got Married 3 Years Ago, My Husband Has No Idea”

I know my story will lead people to attack me but I will appreciate any help I can get. Continue reading

Must Read for Men: How To Treat Your Lady in the Right Way!

Breakups in relationship is sometimes caused by I-dont -care attitudes of the male sex sometimes , lack of caring minds and betrayal. Kindly checkout the following ways to treat your ladies right so as to enjoy your relationship. Continue reading

OPEN LETTER :Help Us Become Real Men…Men Write Women

Dear Women,

First of all, we’re sorry. We’re sorry that although we look like men, we often act like boys. We’re not even sure what it means to be men anymore. As we grow up, we learn that to be happy is to be self-indulgent and self-centered. We try to make enough money so that we can have the right TV with the right video games in the right home. Continue reading

Eye Witness Defends Kumiyi’s Son’s Wedding! Says Pictures Were Altered

Her story;

As a friend of the couple, I can’t keep silent anymore. The picture being circulated is not what the bride looked like on the wedding day, it was digital Continue reading

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West’s Baby Name “Definitely Does Not Start With a K”

Dare to be different! Kim Kardashian and Kanye West**’s baby name of choice has been a hot topic since the moment the 32-year-old reality star announced in December that she was pregnant. And now that the tot is here — Kardashian gave birth five weeks early on June 15 — speculation is at a fever pitch. Continue reading

SEE A Touching Letter By An Abused Wife To Her Husband Before She Died Of Cancer

If you don’t cry while reading this then you are stone hearted. I dont understand why men claim to love ladies and then later on in life, they turn to monsters. Women need to be enlightened on failed relationships and to think her husband is a pastor there in Dublin, Continue reading

Actress Hilda Dokubo Reconciles With Ex-Husband Years After Separation

A top scandal-free actress in Nollywood, Hilda Dokubo has reconciled with her ex-husband, Screen Writer Akarose Mrakpor years after their separation. Continue reading

#FN READERS, Help me … I’m A Catholic Girl Addicted To Másturbation

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