Google, Facebook bids $1 billion for “Waze”

Google may want crowd-sourced app or may just want to mess with Facebook, delaying its plans and
boosting reported $1 billion price tag.

Google is reportedly bidding for crowd-sourced map app provider Waze , igniting a possible bidding war
with Facebook.

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The World’s Most Expensive Phone…

Stuart Hughes, a Liverpool-based jeweller had earlier built a diamond iPhone 4, Platinum MacBook Air and Gold iPad 2. Now, the enthusiast has built an iPhone 5 with gold and diamonds, making it the world’s most expensive smartphone.

The iPhone with gold and diamonds

According to the designer, the custom made iPhone 5 took him 9 months to build and the complete device has been made by hand. The outside casing of the smartphone is said to be made up for 24-carat gold, while the home button consists of 26-carat black diamond.

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