#BBATheChase: South Africa(Angelo) Has Fingered And Sub-Raped Nigeria(Beverly)- Charles Novia

The Big Brother show is undoubtedly one of the .most watched/followed indigenous TV reality show on the continent. Comments and headlines floated the internet when Beverly got involved with Angelo. Here’s what he had to say. Continue reading

#BBA8THECHASE: Eviction night: Malawi’s Representative ‘Natasha Has Been Evicted!

After surviving four evictions, Malawi’s representative in the Big Brother house has finally been sent home today after Selly of Ghana. When IK read Natasha’s name, she and her fellow housemates were not surprised a lot.

Do you think Natasha needed some more time in the Big Brother house or it was just fair enough for her to leave?

#BBATHECHASE: Eviction Day: Bye Bye Selly!

Selly got the 13th boot!

Ghanaian Big Brother housemate and Diamond resident Selly has been evicted thus bringing an end to her Chase dreams! Continue reading

#BBA8: Uti Defends Beverly Osu’s Getting Fingered Last Night

As Uti puts it, Konji is a bastarrrrd, especially if you are sexually active. 3 months is a LOOONG time to stay without sex!
Do you agree with Uti?

Tweets continue after the cut Continue reading

Caught -in-the-Act: Nigeria’s Beverly Osu gets her freak on as Housemate Angelo ‘finger’ her

Nigerian rep Beverly Osu and fellow BBA housemate, South African rep Angelo, took their flirting to the next level last night after the Saturday party. Continue reading

Fans Lash At Karen On Twitter, Says She Used Dildo While In BBA

Some people were tweeting, saying Ghana’s representative, Selly infected Nando with STD after they had unprotected sex in the house. Then Karen said something about holding herself tight when she was in BBA and some of her Continue reading

#BBATheChase: Housemates Nando & Selly Give Each Other STD

The sex drama in the Big Brother Africa Chase House can’t get any better than this!! *lmao. Cos someone has allegedly given the other STD! Continue reading

#BBATheChase: Melvin Puts Himself Up For Eviction

During tonight’s live nomination show, Big Brother African Housemate and Head of House Diamond House, Melvin shocked everyone when he chose not to save himself. Continue reading

Beverly Osu and housemate Angelo Collins make out in BBA House

Nigerian rep Beverly Osu and fellow BBA housemate, South African dance teacher Angelo Collins, who said he’ll never be faithful to one woman, made out passionately last night after the two danced intimately at this week’s Saturday party. The two Continue reading

#SEX IN THE HOUSE : Jail time awaits Betty


For having sex in public, BBA The Chase Housemate, Betty Aberra, may have courted trouble as a group of lawyers in Ethiopia is gearing up to sue her. This piece of news was made known by an Ethiopianwebsite. Continue reading